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Disaster Recovery – Do you have a Plan?

Natural Disaster Waste Management

When you think of natural disasters, your mind probably doesn’t jump straight to waste management. But natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires can produce hundreds of tons of debris in an exceptionally short period of time, and disrupt the day- to-day waste removal process in affected communities.

2017’s hurricane season was one for the record books. Storms battered the Southeastern U.S., the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage. And with warming ocean temperatures due to climate change, many experts believe that hurricanes will more consistently be classed as ‘major’ in the years to come.…

Is your Waste Management Provider in Trouble? (How to spot the issues…)

It can happen to any business. A once reliable service provider gradually, or in some cases rapidly, starts to become unreliable. In the waste management world, it’s incredibly important to continually evaluate your service provider relationships because falling standards can affect your business operations in a number of ways, from unwanted invoice increases to less reliable pickups that could put you at risk for compliance violations and fines.

Learn to Read the Signs…

Increased Service Costs
Have you noticed a spike in your waste management bill? Have extra fees started to appear? Increased service costs can be a sign that your service provider is feeling the pressure of the competition in the industry and is trying to make us lost revenue.…

How to Protect your Business from Hidden Waste Fees

Executive Summary

As businesses seek to control their operational expenditure, the costs of waste management can sometimes fly under the radar. The large national haulers take advantage of this lack of attention with a range of strategies to increase their profits.

In this White Paper, we discuss the main strategies these companies utilize, and provide you with the guidance to ensure that your company never unwittingly pays more than it should to manage its waste.

Oversized containers

At the start of your contract, your waste management company provides you with a regular sized bin for your waste. They then set up a collection frequency and start collecting your waste.…

How NWA Fights Hauler Price Increases

Some waste management firms simply set their contracts up and forget about them. When haulers gradually push their prices up, as they almost always do, the company will just pass the costs straight onto the client. At National Waste Associates (NWA), we believe our customers deserve better. That’s why we have an entire department designated to control our clients’ cost, fight these price increases on your behalf and act like a vice to prevent costs from continually rising.

Introducing… NWA’s Vendor Services Department

At the start of every new contract, the Vendor Services Department works to get things moving on the right track.…

Drive Down Your Operating Costs with Waste Minimization

In order to find significant cost savings in waste management, operational changes should be made before the point that a material is considered to be a waste. This strategy is defined as waste minimization.

Waste minimization isn’t just the most economically efficient strategy to manage waste; it’s also the most environmentally beneficial. But what does it imply, how can it be integrated into operations, and what savings will it drive?

Executive Summary

As businesses are forced to operate with ever tighter operating margins, managerial oversight of operational costs must be rigorous. One area that sometimes doesn’t get as much attention as other aspects of the operations, is waste.…