Diversion: Keeping Waste Out of Landfills

Humans tend to have a huge problem with waste. Most of us don’t know what to do with it, and so we pile it up in landfills. Out of sight, out of mind! While that used to be an acceptable practice, times are changing. Whether we are paying attention or not, the fact is waste in landfills is breaking down, emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, seeping pollutants into soil and ground water, and disturbing ecosystems as we continually bulldozed them in order to make room for more junk. By continuing to follow this cycle of produce-consume-dispose, it seems a logical conclusion that the Earth could eventually be covered in garbage.…

Best Practices to Reduce Gas Station and Convenience Store Waste

While there are many methods to improve the success of your business, it’s well known that one of the most reliable involves eliminating unnecessary costs. Waste is one such cost center that shouldn’t be ignored, even if it’s a relatively small part of your operations. As with all direct costs, any savings generated by reducing the volume of waste goes directly to boosting your bottom line.

There are a number of simple actions that your gas stations and convenience stores can take to reduce the amount of trash that they send to landfill, which we look at in this article.

Store Practices to Reduce Unnecessary Organic Waste
Distribute Surplus Food to Charities

Given the perishable nature of fresh food, gas station convenience stores will always end up with some surplus produce.…

Can Revamping Waste Management Save Your Gas Stations Money?

Your gas stations and convenience stores may have a basic recycling system in place, or you may feel that you don’t generate sufficient waste to warrant the need for one. But even though gas station waste is relatively low volume, there are still plenty of materials that can easily be segregated from the general waste stream to reduce your waste costs and make your operations more environmentally sustainable.

Either way, it’s likely that your waste management practices are in need of a revamp. This article lays out the simple steps you can take to do so.

Understand Your Waste Streams and Volumes

Before you start any restructuring of your existing program, you will need to understand the kinds of waste your gas stations and convenience stores handle.…

How to Keep Your Recyclables Clean

Gas stations are often the only places that travelers will visit before arriving at their destinations. And now that people are used to recycling at their homes and work, many come to expect that a gas station will have facilities to allow them to recycle while on the road.

Unfortunately, other travelers who frequent gas stations may find your recycling bins are a convenient place to dump their trash. But diapers, food waste and paper packaging can be kept out of your recycling bins with a little creativity and customer education.

Helping your customers to recycle properly doesn’t just protect valuable resources, but it also helps your business to save money and promotes it as being environmentally friendly.…

Navigating Lean Manufacturing & Waste Reduction Post COVID-19

Empty shelves synonymous with the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted inventory shortage issues in our manufacturing processes. You couldn’t flip through a manufacturing trade magazine without seeing Lean Manufacturing as the culprit. And while, yes, lean emphasizes waste reduction and can be associated with JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing, it is an adaptive process that requires us to also look at shortage issues and incorporate learning lessons to improve our lean processes.

Lean Manufacturing principles include delivering value to customers. For example, it wouldn’t be of value to customers to have extensive order delays. Sometimes lean processes can become too lean and emphasize inventory-free shelves, but every customer base and industry is unique.…