Construction Worker Shortage Exacerbates Spikes in Waste Removal Expenses

The need for 2.2 million new construction workers over the next three years has impacted the industry in many unforeseen ways. A spike in construction projects, a shortage of workers, rising material costs, the great resignation, and a massive exit of 300+ million retirees in the U.S. job market have culminated into troubled territory marked by a shortage of seasoned professionals, including Estimators, Procurement Professionals, and Project Managers. The loss of these seasoned professionals in the Construction Industry and the drastic change in waste removal pricing naturally have a domino effect contributing to out-of-control job costs. How can you manage through so many variables impacting construction pricing?…

Is Your Current Waste Service Provider Doing Enough to Retain Your Business?

Take the Self-Assessment:

Procuring vendors is a high-stakes responsibility, especially when it comes to complex contracts like energy and waste, where supplier costs may vary over the contract term. Supplying acutely specialized services that are flexible enough to contain a tailored approach is ideal for successful waste management contracts. The actual test, however, is in the contract execution. Waste hauler contracts are often padded with problematic items that lean in the hauler’s favor. Things like:

  • Ancillary fees like Environmental fees, Regulatory fees, Compliance fees, Fuel Surcharges, etc.
  • Waste service issues without recourse
  • Hidden fees and hauler price hikes for just about any reason

Addressing these contract terms can often cut costs by at least 20-40% or more of your entire year’s billing.…

The Importance of Proactively Evaluating Your Waste Service Contract Before It Auto-Renews

It might seem like a good idea to let your waste contract auto-renew unexamined. But there are serious advantages in store for companies that evaluate the core contract line items before getting locked into another contract term. If your company’s goals are to ensure the lowest possible waste costs and optimized services, make a plan to check that you’re getting what you need from your supplier. Here are the benefits of having a “trust but verify” approach before permitting waste contracts to auto-renew.

Examine if your waste provider is satisfying their current contract
Many contracts will include a poor performance clause.…

10 Reasons Clients Switch to National Waste Associates for Waste Services


Many waste companies don’t want you to know that they own their own landfill sites and that one of their biggest goals is to fill them. National Waste Associates (NWA) help clients manage waste from a more strategic standpoint, navigating the many pitfalls of national haulers and their overpowering self-interest. NWA waste services are set up to benefit the client and the environment by optimizing waste strategies and budgets, saving clients millions on avoidable costs and landfills from unnecessary dumps.

These are the top 10 reasons clients make the switch to NWA:

1 – To increase waste diversion & recycling rates
Many large-scale national companies have implemented waste diversion goals, and they then require the support of a waste-forward service provider.…

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Construction, renovation, and demolition sites across the country are increasingly incorporating waste diversion efforts. Commitments to C&D recycling is one of the top methods for supporting a sustainable build. Recycling generates usable materials at a lesser financial and environmental cost. It’s estimated that for every 2,000 square feet of construction, there are 8,000 pounds of construction waste. For certain jobs, LEED points are awarded for construction recycling – one point for 50% recycling rate and two points for a 75% or more recycling rate.

Construction waste recycling is the recovery of waste materials that are generated on a construction or remodeling site.…