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Stop the stress of managing dozens of vendors and countless commercial waste invoices each month. Get one simple, accurate report. We take on your day-to-day waste stream management, so you can get back to business.

Who We Help

We provide commercial waste management for organizations with 50 to 5,000 locations across North America. Our customers range across many industries and include national retail chains, prominent manufacturers, popular restaurant franchises and large industrial plants.

If you’re experiencing waste removal headaches like missed pick ups or dirty waste areas left behind, we can help. We carefully select our haulers and manage ongoing service efficiency and waste optimization. If an issue does arise, we handle it quickly and carefully so it never reaches your level.

While we can help many companies save up to 20% versus your current program on commercial waste bills, those that have never consolidated before (or are unsatisfied with their current consolidated waste service) will see even greater impact and savings. Learn more about how it works.

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What We Do: Consolidated Waste Management

National Waste Associates is a waste management company that fights for you. We manage risk and compliance, vendor contracts and waste invoice auditing to provide hassle-free waste services and significant savings. Our approach optimizes service efficiency, drives sustainability and consolidates billing and reporting across all of your locations.

  • Reduce your costs with our comprehensive waste audit process. We identify over-serviced locations, underutilized capacity and other commercial waste removal factors that impact your bottom line. Utilizing our proven methodology, we audit your existing waste invoices to find billing errors and unwarranted fees. We’ve got the waste industry experience and national data to know when a fee is legitimate and when it’s frivolous or a mistake, plus we’ll challenge the increase on your behalf. This process usually yields a dramatic reduction in cost.
  • Turn your trash into cash. As part of this audit process, we identify after-market selling opportunities to transform your waste stream into a profit source. We’ll find buyers who want to reuse or recycle your materials, and even handle supply chain management.
  • Plug you into our extensive network. With a network of over 3,500 pre-screened waste vendor partners, we deliver the personalized service of a small business with the scalability to serve each of your locations. As part of our service commitment, we’ll help you reach your sustainability goals and comply with recycling or diversion requirements. We can even create custom commercial waste management plans for niche markets – just let us know what you need. Learn more about how we’re different from other waste management companies, and see how we can help you.

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