Diversion: How to Keep Waste Out of Landfills

Humans have a problem with waste. Most of the time, we don’t know what to do with it, and so we pile it up in landfills. Out of sight, out of mind is a nice principle, but it only goes so far. Whether we’re looking or not, waste in landfills is breaking down, emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, seeping pollutants into soil and ground water, and disturbing ecosystems which are bulldozed in order to make room for more junk. If we follow this produce-consume-dispose pattern to its logical conclusion, the Earth will be covered in garbage. What can we do to avoid this?…

Leading Waste and Recycling Initiatives That Can Impact Your Bottom Line

While the fundamentals of waste management—collect, sort, recover, dispose—remain essentially the same today as they did one hundred years ago, the methodologies of each of these steps are always changing in response to new technology, economic trends, and social changes. Indeed, the industry might be changing more quickly now than ever before.

The world is striving for zero waste living; plastics are the focus of a recycling renaissance; cities are considering new ways of controlling the market, and AI is guiding our hand at the bin. For the prudent businessperson, each of these interconnected trends is an opportunity to maximize efficiency and profitability—if you know enough to get on the right side of history.…

Is Your Waste Provider Doing All They Can To Help You?

Now that business has settled into the “new normal” with COVID-19, if you’re like most companies your business has declined. Is your current waste and recycling management provider doing all they can to assist you? In this article, we have outlined some key questions you should ask of your provider to make sure you’re getting all the support that you need.

Are They Reducing Your Management Burden?

Waste volumes and schedules will almost certainly be affected across all of your locations during this time. This can be incredibly challenging to manage when there are many sites in your portfolio, adding an additional administrative burden when you have other more urgent matters to attend to.…

Drive Down Your Operating Costs with Waste Minimization

In order to find significant cost savings in waste management, operational changes should be made before the point that a material is considered to be a waste. This strategy is defined as waste minimization.

Waste minimization isn’t just the most economically efficient strategy to manage waste; it’s also the most environmentally beneficial. But what does it imply, how can it be integrated into operations, and what savings will it drive?

Executive Summary

As businesses are forced to operate with ever tighter operating margins, managerial oversight of operational costs must be rigorous. One area that sometimes doesn’t get as much attention as other aspects of the operations, is waste.…

How NWA Fights Hauler Price Increases

Some waste management firms simply set their contracts up and forget about them. When haulers gradually push their prices up, as they almost always do, the company will just pass the costs straight onto the client. At National Waste Associates (NWA), we believe our customers deserve better. That’s why we have an entire department designated to control our clients’ cost, fight these price increases on your behalf and act like a vice to prevent costs from continually rising.

Introducing… NWA’s Vendor Services Department

At the start of every new contract, the Vendor Services Department works to get things moving on the right track.…