10 Reasons Clients Switch to National Waste Associates for Waste Services


Many waste companies don’t want you to know that they own their own landfill sites and that one of their biggest goals is to fill them. National Waste Associates (NWA) help clients manage waste from a more strategic standpoint, navigating the many pitfalls of national haulers and their overpowering self-interest. NWA waste services are set up to benefit the client and the environment by optimizing waste strategies and budgets, saving clients millions on avoidable costs and landfills from unnecessary dumps.

These are the top 10 reasons clients make the switch to NWA:

1 – To increase waste diversion & recycling rates
Many large-scale national companies have implemented waste diversion goals, and they then require the support of a waste-forward service provider. Most waste haulers either don’t offer waste optimization services or can only help them to a certain point because their primary goal is to increase landfill loads. Because of this bias toward waste hauling, clients turn to National Waste Associates to help monitor and strategize the best landfill diversion plans — and leverage NWA’s national network of various waste service vendors to execute the unbiased strategy seamlessly.

One of those clients is Barnes & Noble, who at one point struggled to go beyond a 30% waste diversion rate across various nationwide locations. NWA helped narrow down the needs at each location and tailored a plan that successfully resulted in:

  • Improved recycling rate and landfill diversion by 67%
  • NWA achieved a $160,000 savings over a 3-year period
  • B&N saved an additional 50,000 metric tons of CO2 per year

Learn more about Barnes & Noble waste success by clicking the link here.

2- For integrating the best waste management solutions that has saved millions
National multi-site companies that want to improve waste management across every location by scrutinizing waste tonnage and fees require active expert-level control over waste operations. Clients who need an integrated waste management system to reduce waste and costs switch to National Waste Associates. A great example of why they switch is the support we deliver. For one logistics firm client that operates 58 locations, it meant using our tried-and-true tonnage analysis methodology to help transform how waste was handled and stored. It also meant going head-to-head with a hauling company for rebate and cost reduction renegotiation. The result of our efforts like contract negotiation, tonnage, and billing analysis, as well as site by site investigation in potential reconfigurations, resulted in:

  • Reduction of haulage costs by $266,000
  • Total cost reduction of $1.4 Million
  • Reduction of associated carbon
  • Elimination and prevention of uncontrolled price increases
  • Optimization of container tonnages that reduced operational costs
  • Increase of recycling rates and diversion of more material from landfill

Click here to learn more about how our team at National Waste Associates goes to battle for our clients to get the best contracts, pricing, and waste strategies.

3- For strict confidentiality
Large scale companies with confidential projects like disposing of outdated product and massive overnight rebranding require seamless waste handling. These companies turn to National Waste Associates for our extensive vendor relationships across the country and management abilities to keep sensitive and top-secret projects on time and strictly confidential while providing certificates of destruction when needed.

4- For time savings & short notice waste project planning
National brands with multiple waste accounts across hundreds of locations sometimes require short notice, large volume waste projects. Clients save hundreds of hours a year by having a dedicated waste manager that manages local haulers, handles special pick-up requests and resolves any missed collections. When waste issues arise, our team delivers with an on-time rate of 99.50-99.75%, ensuring no time is wasted on the client’s end.

5 – For slashing waste budgets in half
When clients get quotes from waste haulers, they often get padded estimates with room for fee creep. When clients come to National Waste Associates, we give them genuinely competitive pricing not just in the short run but more importantly, we produce even more value over the long run. In some cases, we’ve been known to slash waste removal budgets up to half. Our established relationships across the country allow us to coordinate waste projects and get the best pricing.

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6 – To implement recycling & compliance programs
When clients need quick, effective recycling and compliance programs put in place, they turn to the NWA team for impressive results. Clients who previously had hundreds of decentralized hauler contracts across the country with little visibility on compliance achieved visibility on their compliance and have simplified their billing to one centralized management company with one bill and one dedicated account manager. When waste compliance is not being handled properly, we step in to bring compliance up to date at every policy turn.

For Fortune 500 companies that have adopted sustainability initiatives but require a new recycling program to be implemented, the NWA team helps create efficient and practical recycling programs with high participation rates that improve pre-existing poor-performing recycling programs, all of which improves ESG reporting.

Find out how NWA helped Barnes & Noble implement an effective recycling and compliance program by clicking here.

7 – For regional companies cost savings
Managing one waste bill across multiple locations with one dedicated representative to analyze accounts, waste strategies, and waste haulers is ideal for handling waste for corporate facilities. When one national supermarket installed new trash compactors and didn’t see the ROI they had planned, they brought in the National Waste service team to evaluate how they could make the most of their new compactor purchases across 134 stores. The $500k savings solutions provided by NWA included:

  • Hauler upgrades by replacing vendors that were overservicing and overcharging with new haulers in the NWA trusted network
  • Load optimization to maximize compactor tonnage at all stores and reduce haulage costs
  • Organic waste diverted from landfills
  • Service and route schedule efficiency plan to optimize hauls year-round while adjusting for business seasonality
  • 24/7 compactor repair service management and dispatching took on by NWA, relieving the customer of dealing with broken compactors, so waste never piled up

Learn more about why clients choose NWA for regional waste strategies and costs savings by clicking here.

8 – To optimize waste operations
When large-scale facilities want to optimize their waste operations and machines to lower their costs, they turn to National Waste Associates to guarantee the best path and plan are in place. An example is a client who was about to invest in expensive large auger compaction combination units. The NWA team thoroughly analyzed the logistics facility, operational processes, material profiles, volumes, conveyor speeds, and outputs. The outcome was a different, highly tailored system that saved the facility $150,000 and exceeded the clients’ operational expectations.

Click here for more details on leveraging the NWA team for waste operations optimization.

9 – For slashing millions in multisite national manufacturing waste costs
Multisite manufacturing facilities choose National Waste Associates to drastically wrangle out of control waste practices and costs. For example, an international manufacturer with many North American locations leveraged the expertise of the NWA team to evaluate their skyrocketing costs and waste operations.

Learn the strategies NWA used to cut $1.7 million from a multisite manufacturing company’s waste stream by clicking here.

10 – For national multisite retailers that require data-driven analysis and decision making
For national retailers with hundreds or thousands of locations across the country and various haulers serving in multiple locations, it’s challenging to execute an effective in-house analysis of waste. Handing this responsibility over to a success-driven third party like the NWA team allowed for the right metrics to be analyzed across all sites and shrank costs by $1.2M.

You can learn more about how a large pet store retailer used NWA’s data-driven analysis to execute the decisions that led to a $1.2M in cost savings.

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