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Restaurant Recycling: Consumer Opinion Makes it Good for Business

A growing number of restaurants are recycling to reduce waste and protect the environment. According to a new study, there are other benefits to consider. In fact, a recycling program can affect a restaurant’s reputation and revenue in positive ways.

In a recent survey, the National Restaurant Association found that 65% of restaurant owners embrace recycling. The fact that most restaurateurs are recycling is encouraging. But responses from consumers are even more promising.

Consumers prefer restaurants that recycle
Recycling can affect consumer loyalty and cause a willingness to pay more. Here are results from the survey:

  • 3 out of 5 adults would rather visit a restaurant with a recycling program
  • 51% are willing to pay a little more at restaurants that recycle
  • Consumers are willing to pay a median of 10% more

In the mind of the consumer, a restaurant that recycles is a responsible member of the business community–one that cares for the environment and should be supported.…