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Single Stream Recycling

Is it good for business?

Single stream recycling is helping businesses recycle more efficiently and reduce waste costs.  What is it and how does it work?  Is single stream right for your business? What began in California in the 1990’s as a cost-saving experiment for the waste industry has now grown to include more than 240 single stream recycling systems across the country.  With single stream, a variety of recyclables all go into a single container.

Single stream recycling is not a solution for every business.  Your sustainability goals, waste content and operational constraints must be analyzed before changes are made.…

Disaster Debris Management

Prepare your business for severe weather events and natural disasters.

Hurricane Ike - Texas Clean up Every day a business is closed could mean thousands in lost revenue. How prepared is your business to manage delays in supplies and services following a major weather event or disaster? What’s your plan to recover? Does your plan match up with your vendor partners’ plan? Having a disaster recovery plan will help to minimize the physical and collateral damage to your business caused by these types of events.

Delays in garbage collection can be a hindrance in getting your business back on its feet. With national haulers, it may be 3-6 weeks before normal garbage and recycling collection resumes following a severe weather event such as an earthquake, tornado, hurricane or snow storm.…