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Why Single Stream Recycling Can Now Cost You More Than Waste

There are normally two factors that incentivize businesses to recycle more of their waste; reducing their environmental impact, and saving money on their waste bills. But with new challenging market conditions, this isn’t always the case anymore…

The Rise of Single Stream Recycling

Since its origination in the 1990s, single stream recycling has been a popular option for businesses that want to recycle, without having to install a wide variety of containers for each recyclable material. By collecting paper, cardboard, plastics and metals together in one bin, nationwide recycling stats jumped because it was so much easier for businesses and households to do.…

How NWA Boosted Barnes & Noble’s Nationwide Recycling Rates, Saving Costs And Carbon Footprint

The major bookseller Barnes & Noble was struggling to get its numerous locations to divert sufficient waste from landfill, recycling only 30% of its total waste tonnage. NWA’s waste management experts worked closely with the client to identify the best recycling strategy for each store, tailoring each one to their specific waste streams, volumes, and locations.

Over seven years, NWA increased the client’s landfill diversion by 67%, providing Barnes & Noble with significant financial savings while also reducing their environmental impact.

Key Project Metrics:

  • Waste diversion rates increased to 50%
  • $160,000 saving over 3 years
  • Saved an additional 50,000 metric tons of CO2 per year
  • Equivalent of removing 11,000 cars from the road

The Client

Barnes & Noble is a Fortune 500 company with over 600 retail stores and distribution centers located across 50 states.…