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Is your Waste Management Provider in Trouble? (How to spot the issues…)

It can happen to any business. A once reliable service provider gradually, or in some cases rapidly, starts to become unreliable. In the waste management world, it’s incredibly important to continually evaluate your service provider relationships because falling standards can affect your business operations in a number of ways, from unwanted invoice increases to less reliable pickups that could put you at risk for compliance violations and fines.

Learn to Read the Signs…

Increased Service Costs
Have you noticed a spike in your waste management bill? Have extra fees started to appear? Increased service costs can be a sign that your service provider is feeling the pressure of the competition in the industry and is trying to make up lost revenue.…

How to Protect your Business from Hidden Waste Fees

Executive Summary

As businesses seek to control their operational expenditure, the costs of waste management can sometimes fly under the radar. The large national haulers take advantage of this lack of attention with a range of strategies to increase their profits.

In this White Paper, we discuss the main strategies these companies utilize, and provide you with the guidance to ensure that your company never unwittingly pays more than it should to manage its waste.

Oversized containers

At the start of your contract, your waste management company provides you with a regular sized bin for your waste. They then set up a collection frequency and start collecting your waste.…

Recycling legislation is expanding. What does your organization need to do to remain compliant?

Executive Summary

Compliance and regulation are growing concerns for all businesses, as new legislation constantly comes into force at local, national and international levels. Waste is no exception to this rule, with many states and counties passing recycling legislation that requires businesses to change their operations, and to influence how employees and customers interact with materials on site. As your waste partner, NWA makes it our priority to ensure that your business is fully compliant with each and every new requirement.
The potential ramifications for non-compliance with recycling legislation can be significant. In a recent example, New York’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) issued hundreds of violations to businesses for not complying with their new commercial recycling rules, following the conclusion of their consultation period in August 2016.…

Waste and Recycling – What’s Behind the Hidden Fees?

Waste Not, Want Not
Are you aware of all the fees that make up your waste disposal bill? Many businesses are not, and as a result, pay inaccurate or unwarranted fees. As sustainability and recycling goals become more critical to business operations, waste disposal fees continue to rise. This rise in fees includes the soft cost of added separation that accompanies recycling materials, along with additional landfill fees municipalities are imposing to encourage recycling. Some of these fees are unavoidable, but some can be eliminated from your waste bill by performing a waste audit.

While waste services are necessary, most fees are not.

Are you ready for a carbon tax?

Ready or not, it’s coming! Do you know what your carbon production is today?  A carbon tax is imposed on releases of carbon dioxide (Co2), which is emitted largely through the combustion of fossil fuels used in electricity production.  According to the Center for Energy and Climate Economics, industrial manufacturing, commercial industries, transportation and heating are the focus of a potential tax.

Already a reality in California, pricing carbon is seen by many climate change advocates as the only way to effectively limit the increase in global temperatures. The idea is simple, put a price on pollution and companies will be motivated to do more.…