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Interview with Storage Account Manager, Andrea Dalessio

The storage industry is somewhat unique and certainly has its own challenges and nuances. National Waste Associates (NWA) is intimately experienced with this. At NWA, we have long recognized the value of a personal touch and the accountability of a single point of contact, which is why we provide all of our storage industry customers with a dedicated and specialized Account Manager. As you will find below, waste management is a service, and the best service is delivered by seasoned professionals.

That Account Manager is Andrea Dalessio, who we recently caught up with for an interview.

Hey Andrea! How long have you been working at NWA?

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The Extra Fees That Haulers Add to Invoices: Are you protected?

Haulers win waste contracts with low prices for waste disposal, making you think that you’re going to get a great deal by switching to them. But to make their money back from these contracts, they have developed a variety of additional ‘fees’ that they may add on top of their disposal charges.

In this article, we take a look of some of the most common extra fees that haulers will try to charge. Every day, NWA’s Vendor Services team works tirelessly for our customers to fight against these additional fees.

Business Compliance Charge

Although this fee has been applied by some haulers for a while, it has just become a mandatory fee for one of the waste majors.…