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Diversion: Keeping Waste Out Of Landfills

Humans tend to have a huge problem with waste. Most of us don’t know what to do with it, and so we pile it up in landfills. Out of sight, out of mind! While that used to be an acceptable practice, times are changing. Whether we are paying attention or not, the fact is waste in landfills is breaking down, emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, seeping pollutants into soil and ground water, and disturbing ecosystems as we continually bulldozed them in order to make room for more junk. By continuing to follow this cycle of produce-consume-dispose, it seems a logical conclusion that the Earth could eventually be covered in garbage.…

A Circular Economy: How It Can Change Your Waste For Good

The US produces 718K tons of trash per day according to the EPA – and most of it is landfilled. Since businesses are responsible for a large majority of waste production, diverting trash from landfills through the use of sustainable waste disposal methods can have a major positive impact on our environment and our future. Your business has the power to turn from creating trash to trash innovators.

One rapidly growing segment of corporate sustainability strategies is the evolution of circular economies. This approach revolves around designing out waste and pollution by keeping resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them while in use, then recovering and regenerating materials at the end of their service life.…

Recycling Business E-Waste

You may already know that improper disposal of electronic waste is bad for the environment but do you realize how bad it is for your bottom line as well?

Do you know how your business is handling e-waste? Are you compliant with your state’s e-waste recycling laws? How do you know?

The size of your business may affect how e-waste needs to be managed before being recycled. Larger corporations may handle it in-house, while smaller and mid-size companies rely on local haulers for direction. And because e-waste recycling programs vary in cost and type, it’s important for business owners and operations managers to understand their options.…

Changing Waste for Good 2020 Success Stories

To put it lightly, 2020 was a turbulent year for all. During those challenging months, National Waste Associates (NWA) worked tirelessly for you, to ensure there was at least one thing you never had to worry about – your waste. In this article, we focus on some client success highlights, and showcase the investments we’ve made to further improve our service and to help ensure we all come out even stronger in 2021 and beyond as we work tirelessly and continuously to offer you the very best waste management service.

COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Response
In the waste industry, the COVID-19 pandemic created an extremely complicated situation, with thousands of service changes needed across all sectors and states.…

An Interview with Storage Account Manager, Andrea Dalessio

Waste management is a service, and the best service is delivered by seasoned professionals. At NWA, we have long recognized the value of a personal touch and the accountability of a single point of contact, which is why all of our storage industry customers have a dedicated Account Manager.
That Account Manager is Andrea Dalessio, who we recently caught up with for an interview.

Hey Andrea! How long have you been working at NWA?

I’ve been working here for 8 years now. Wow, that’s flown by…

What does your role entail?

I’m basically the “face” of NWA that my customers interact with on a daily basis.…