Fast Track Your Sustainable Waste Goals ( … even when you lack the staff)

Recreation companies of all sizes can struggle to carve out the resources they need within their own pool of staff to optimally manage their waste management program.

This results in companies suffering from inflated waste costs, and inefficient and environmentally harmful collection schedules.

These inefficiencies can mount up to cost a business tens of thousands a year, as well as negative public relations. And they can leave any corporate sustainability goals dead in the water.

So how do you fast track your sustainability goals if you don’t have the staff?

The Benefits of Partnering with a Strategic Waste Management Company

A sustainable, strategic waste management company will work first to understand your current waste management program, performing waste audits and analysis to see the volumes and types of wastes that you produce.

Then, they will conduct vendor analysis to see who is hauling that waste, what they’re charging, and what they’re doing with the materials.

Finally, a comparison is completed of your current haulers against their vendor network to identify where cost savings and environmental improvements can be made by switching vendors. Normally there are many positive changes to be made, and those recommended changes are presented to you and discussed to ensure decisions are made in your best interest.

Waste tonnages and haulage frequencies get constantly monitored in order to reduce the number of times that a hauler services your containers and to optimize the tonnages of each container. This aggressive scrutinization massively lowers the carbon footprint of your operation, improves site safety and reduces haulage costs.

The best companies will then work directly with your individual locations to create tailored waste and recycling programs for each of them, which will further reduce costs and divert the most possible materials from landfill, super charging your sustainability efforts. 

Let the Experts Fast Track Your Sustainable Waste Goals

By partnering with a strategic waste management company that puts sustainability first, your business will benefit from:

  • Lower operating carbon footprint by reducing the haulage miles travelled to service your waste and recycling containers
  • Reduced environmental liability by diverting more waste from landfill and maintaining a higher value in the resources that your business recycles
  • Improved staff satisfaction, particularly for those staff members who directly handle the waste and recycling, but also for all staff who see that their company is serious about going green
  • Improved brand value by proving to customers, investors and other external stakeholders that the business is working hard to reduce its environmental impacts

Accurate Sustainability Reporting and Governance

Many recreation companies now have requirements to measure their carbon footprint or complete ESG reporting. Others also have sustainability targets which cover waste and resource management. Even if specific targets aren’t set, your business will benefit from making its operations less environmentally impactful and diverting as much waste as possible from landfill, and will need to have the data to show the waste has been managed.

By choosing the most sustainable strategic waste management company, businesses in the recreation industry will also benefit from the support of a full time Compliance Manager to assist with this reporting.

A Compliance Manager tracks national, state and municipal trash or recycling requirements that will affect their customers’ operations either now, or in the future.  They also assist businesses with filing waivers, submitting annual reports, submitting annual plans and zero waste initiatives. This paperwork is vital to prove that your business has taken the necessary steps to reach its sustainability goals.

NWA – Taking Your Sustainable Goals Personally

The team of sustainability experts at National Waste Associates (NWA) considers itself to be another arm of your business and will align itself with your goals and aspirations. We become a part of your team, so even when you don’t have the staff internally, you know that waste management is always being optimized, keeping you on track with your ESG goals and saving you money.

We apply various creative strategies to reduce the environmental impact of your waste operations and perform regular audits of your resource consumption to highlight opportunities to reduce volumes, eliminate waste streams, or improve recycling processes to get more value out of your waste.

We use our vast hauler network to find the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial treatment methodology for your waste, for each location in your portfolio. We can also source the right tech for your sites to better process waste, reduce volumes and improve site safety.

NWA has no affiliations with landfill sites, unlike the national haulers who also own landfill facilities. Instead, our model is to work with haulers who are truly independent and agnostic to which disposal sites they utilize. This is a key differentiator that enables our customers to capitalize on new opportunities like WtE (click here to learn more), gasification, or higher value recycling plants that can help to supercharge your sustainable waste goals.

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