Every Day NWA Fights Hauler Price Increases for You!

Many waste management companies simply set up their contracts and then let them run on autopilot. Their model is to start low priced but with multiple increases each year. When haulers gradually increase their prices, as they almost always do, it is easy for a management company to just pass those costs straight onto the client without any monitoring or challenge.  At National Waste Associates (NWA), we believe our customers deserve better. We have departments specifically designated to identify any price increase and assess them for their validity
and their amounts in order to control our clients’ cost. We fight these price increases on your behalf and act like a vice to prevent costs from continually rising.

Introducing… NWA’s Vendor Services Team

Our Vendor Services Team works to get things moving on the right track, not only at the start of every new contract but continually throughout the term of the contract. They refer to a constantly updated database of haulers for every area in the U.S. and Canada. We make a concerted effort to go out to market and find new haulers with competitive fees, and to update the geographic range that each hauler provides their services in.

This is important, because in some parts of the North America there may only be one waste hauler servicing the area. It’s normally one of the major waste haulers, and because they know they have a monopoly or oligopoly on services in that area, they can significantly increase invoices and with little warning.

When a client opens a site in a new location, or wants a new material collected, we go out to market and find the hauler with the best price for that work. But we’re not just searching for the best prices, we’re also finding the most transparent and cost-consistent hauler; ones that won’t increase their prices after six months, or add other fees to the invoice that we didn’t agree to. Their price will end up being cheaper in the long run, even when compared to the waste majors who initially might be cheaper in price … and that’s what our customers come to appreciate.

Fighting Back Against Price Rises

Our team members spend their days examining pricing discrepancies; instances where either one of the components of the invoice that we’ve received from a hauler differs from the
agreed upon rates or the invoice total may differ. Firstly, we fire the invoice back to the hauler and check that they didn’t make a ‘mistake’. Some pricing discrepancies can be swiftly dealt with in this way, however, most need a deeper dive and negotiation.

We are also watching out for patterns of frequent or excessive increases. When we see these, our team will go back out to the marketplace and search for other haulers with more competitive fees or more consistent pricing. If we find a hauler that can offer the same service for less money, or will be more reliable in their pricing, then we’ll proactively switch haulers.

Cities with Franchise Waste Contracts

In short, there is still savings opportunity in cities who franchise out their waste management to particular companies. Because only those haulers can work within the city limits, we have limited choices for who can service your waste in these locations. The franchise contracts often go to the waste majors, and remember that these are the companies that often have the most hidden fees.

When these invoices go up, or new fees appear, we have to approach it differently since we don’t have the option to bid the contract out to someone else. Instead, we’ll take up the battle directly with the city.

The Vendor Services Team lodges a complaint with the city to persuade them to challenge the hauler on our behalf. If we can convince the municipality that the price increases are excessive or that the hauler has breached the terms of their contract with the municipality, the municipality can use their superior weight against the hauler to reject it.

Cost-avoidance at All Costs

Whether the pricing discrepancy is $500 or $5, our Vendor Services Department will jump to action to get that price down. Sometimes we can’t get the price increase all the way down to zero, but when this is the case, we’ll always negotiate to reduce it to a fairer sum. It may not sound significant until you start to multiply that by the number of locations you have, then multiply that by 2 or 3 times per year, then finally multiply that by 3 or 5 years. Getting the picture clearer now?

NWA works as another arm of your business, continually fighting to make sure that your waste prices are fair and your costs are controlled. We believe in consistent pricing and we work tirelessly to make this happen for you.

This constant management of our customers’ costs is what sets NWA apart from our competitors who often operate more like facilitators.

With NWA, it’s all part of the service.

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