How Sustainable Waste Management Helps Technology Companies Achieve ESG Objectives

Many investors and customers have expressed that they are increasingly integrating a company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance into their investment decisions. The consensus is that a company’s ability to manage environmental, social and governance matters demonstrates the leadership and good governance that is essential to sustainable growth.

Sustainable waste management is a key operational area where technology companies can improve their ESG performance, impacting upon their carbon footprint, operational costs and resource efficiency.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By conducting analysis of the weights and fill-levels of the containers at your sites and comparing these against the optimal weights that they should be able to achieve, you will be able to identify if your haulers are emptying containers too often. This doesn’t just cost you more, but it can also have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of your waste operations.

Refuse trucks are heavy vehicles with high fuel consumptions, operating on average at just 3 miles per gallon. Every unnecessary movement that they make between your premises and the disposal or treatment sites burns needless diesel. Not only that, but they also emit more harmful emissions, from greenhouse gases to small particles that have been linked to adverse human health.

Optimizing container loads across your entire business will ensure that containers are emptied only when they are full. When combined with right-sizing the container to your operational requirements, collection frequencies can be reduced from as often as a daily service, to just once a week – cutting the associated carbon footprint by 80%.

Improve Resource Efficiency

Implementing a waste minimization plan will help you to identify opportunities to eliminate waste from your operations, then reuse as much as possible, before recycling the remaining resources. Only when all of these opportunities have been exhausted does a material need to end up as trash.

An audit of all resources that flow into and out of each location will highlight where there are opportunities to minimize resource consumption, divert or repurpose materials, and reuse others – whether they are reused within your own operation, or externally. Then you can source the waste management partners who can recycle the maximum number of materials to the highest quality standard, maintaining the value of those materials.

This methodology of waste management not only significantly reduces operational costs, but also aligns your business closely with the circular economy, as discussed in our previous articles. This has been shown to improve a business’s ESG score, increasing your appeal to investors and improving brand reputation with customers.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Waste and recycling legislation can exist at all levels of government, from federal to state to local. This can necessitate that businesses have different waste management practices and paperwork at their different locations. Failure to comply with these regulations can put your business in a costly situation from both a financial and reputational perspective.

The best way to ensure compliance with different legislations is to operate a sustainable waste management system that goes above and beyond the basic requirements set by these regulations. If all your sites are optimizing resource efficiency, then you will only need to complete the paperwork to prove that you comply with their requirements.

Sustainable Waste Management with NWA

But you don’t have to make these improvements alone. National Waste Associates (NWA) can reduce the resources consumed by your business, and ensure you remain in full compliance with all necessary waste and recycling legislation so that you risk no regulatory burdens. Our experts will streamline your waste operations so that they have the lowest carbon footprint, and so that the maximum value is extracted from all resources consumed.

By partnering with NWA, you can align your waste operations with your ESG objectives, helping to make you a sustainable business that is more attractive to investors and customers.

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