Don’t Lie Back and Forget About Mattress Recycling

Gone are the days of carting off old mattresses to the local landfill site. It makes sense as mattresses are nearly 100% recyclable. Metal springs, fibers, wood and memory foam can be re-purposed for the manufacture of new items, or the entire mattress can be used as a biomass fuel source.

States with Mattress Recycling Laws

The combination of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws, together with a growing mattress recycling industry, are helping to divert more of this bulk waste from landfills.

In 2013, Connecticut became the first state to implement an EPR law for mattresses. The law requires that mattress manufacturers provide consumers with a convenient way to responsibly get rid of old mattresses. Producers have to fund programs to increase the collection and recycling of discarded mattresses, in order to reduce overall costs and environmental impacts.

California and Rhode Island have since passed similar EPR laws for mattresses, and the industry has created the Mattress Recycling Council to operate recycling programs in states with these laws. Maine is currently in the process of introducing a mattress EPR bill.

Increased legislation for product stewardship and accountability is anticipated in other states over the coming years, as a means to prevent mattresses from entering the waste stream.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Businesses that generate bulk items such as mattresses, furniture, major appliances, carpet and e-waste may need to come to grips with localized recycling laws mandating their disposal. Those laws can vary from state to state and city to city, so knowing your options and what is available in your marketplace will help you to find the most environmentally efficient, cost effective, and compliant solution for your bulk waste.

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a local mattress recycler. Mattress recyclers are not yet located conveniently in every city. Bulk items are expensive to haul, so it is imperative to find local recycling solutions.

For businesses such as hotel chains with multiple locations in multiple states, you may require disposal of larger quantities, or you may need collections on an ad hoc basis. Working with a nationwide recycling and waste management company may be the best option to ensure that you stay compliant and reduce waste disposal costs.

How National Waste Associates Can Help

National Waste Associates offers specialized recycling solutions for businesses with multiple locations. We provide a variety of cost-effective solutions for recycling hazardous and non-hazardous waste, in both large and small quantities. At NWA, we work pro-actively to improve your processes, while ensuring your compliance with ever-changing local recycling laws.

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