Major Pet Retailer, Partnering with National Waste Associates, Achieves $1.2 Million in Waste Savings

A large National Pet Store chain, with over 1,000 locations wanted greater control of their waste expenditure.

Using a series of data-driven analyses over a three year period, National Waste Associates’ (NWA’s) waste experts evaluated the entire portfolio which resulted in significant savings for our client of over $1.2 million, together with a substantial reduction in their carbon footprint.


Our customer lacked vital supervision of waste operations at their sites, which were wide-spread throughout the country. With hundreds of stores serviced by many different haulers, corporate found that they couldn’t identify where waste optimization opportunities existed. This left them with a bloated cost center for waste, and disposal costs that were going through the roof.


NWA’s waste experts initially conducted data analysis to identify the sites with the greatest waste activity and the highest spend. These sites represented the priority opportunities to save the business the most money, in the shortest amount of time.

Associating sites with similar current waste volumes and then comparing service frequencies between these locations, we were able to identify those that were being overserviced by their waste hauler. In these instances, we reduced service frequencies to our calculated norms, saving the client over $885,000.

By analyzing the waste composition across the entire account and working with our extensive network of national haulers, our experts also identified an opportunity to separate out additional recyclable material from the waste stream. When implemented across the business, this delivered savings of $53,000 and reduced the client’s environmental impact, diverting hundreds of tons of valuable material from landfill.

Finally, we conducted an analysis of haulage movements and volumes across a number of newly opened sites. Our calculations showed that significant cost and carbon savings could be made by reducing the haulage frequency so that each haul carried a greater tonnage. We then worked with the sites to ensure that the reduction in haulage frequency would never affect their operations. This work delivered consolidated savings for the client of over $300,000.


Over this three-year period, the data analysis and surveys conducted by National Waste Associates generated consolidated savings of over $1.2m for our client.

Simultaneously, our expert analysis of waste activity across all 1,000 sites enabled us to manage service changes that not only saved the client money, but also generated significant environmental savings by reducing waste transport, optimizing hauls and identifying new materials to divert from landfill.

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