National Waste Associates Saves Client $150,000 by Optimizing Waste Operations

One of the world’s largest providers of transportation and logistics services had a problem at one of their sites. They needed to reduce their waste expenses and required an experienced company to recommend the right system for them.

Our waste experts saved the client $150,000 by identifying a system that was specifically tailored to their unique operational requirements.

The Challenge

A global logistics client needed to scale up their waste management operations, and lower their refuse and recycling expenses at one of their large distribution centers.

They had an idea of the equipment needed, but would it be fit for purpose? They asked National Waste Associates (NWA) to help evaluate and implement their new equipment plans.

The Solution

The client was initially convinced that they should use large Auger compaction units to handle their material. NWA went to the site and investigated the operational processes, looking at the material profile, volumes, conveyor speeds and outputs.

Our waste experts consulted with the engineers and operations personnel at the facility to understand the process from their perspective. We then went back to the drawing board and met with equipment vendors to work up new recommendations and solutions.

Taking into consideration all the variables, including how material would flow into the compactors and how to achieve optimum site safety, we presented a new recommendation to the client. The system would utilize several four-yard compactors, with customized hoppers and specialized feeds through bay doors.

The Results

The NWA recommended system saved the client $150,000 compared to the equipment that they initially wanted to use. Not only that, but the new system exceeded all of their operational and site safety requirements.

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