National Waste Associates’ Partnership with Self-Storage Facilities: Driving Efficiency and Cost Savings

National Waste Associates (NWA) is a leading waste management company that has been in business over 25 years, specializing in providing tailored and cost-effective waste services to multiple business verticals, including self-storage facilities. NWA has been a trusted partner to storage companies of all sizes since 2014. By leveraging their expertise and using a cooperative approach, NWA helps self-storage facilities optimize waste management processes and achieve significant cost savings.

Collaborative Partnership
The success of initiatives is reliant on a strong partnership between NWA and the self-storage facility owners and managers. NWA values the intimate knowledge that facility owners possess about their locations, which, when combined with NWA’s waste management expertise, enables accurate assessments and identification of potential savings. This collaboration is essential for achieving true cost reductions.

Rightsizing Waste Services
One of the key initiatives taken by NWA is to ensure that each location receives the appropriate level of waste management services without being under- or overserviced. This process, known as rightsizing, involves a comprehensive evaluation of waste services at all locations in the book of business. NWA’s process of rightsizing involves two main approaches: Standard Rightsizing and Volume Code Rightsizing.

Standard Rightsizing
Standard Rightsizing begins with a discussion between NWA and the customer to determine the reasons for rightsizing and confirm appropriate service levels. NWA then contacts all locations, typically utilizing a standardized set of questions, to gather information about their current waste services and business flows. This information is verified with the corporate office. Based on the collected data, NWA determines the optimal service levels. They then identify potential cost savings, recycling opportunities, and prepare quote requests for locations requiring service changes. The quotes are presented to the corporate office for approval and potential implementation.

Volume Code Rightsizing
This approach involves a more systematic analysis. NWA collaborates closely with the customer to determine the reasons for using Volume Code Rightsizing and explore various options of identifiers for ranking locations such as square footage, number of units, occupancy rates, sales volumes, or a combination of one or more identifiers. Other factors like 3rd party on-site businesses using the facility’s waste services or space restrictions are also considered. NWA conducts a comprehensive analysis based on the provided identifier(s), presents the results to the customer for approval, and quotes new services accordingly. Changes are implemented with customer consent, and any issues or concerns are promptly addressed.

Cost Savings Achieved
Using the technique outlined above for Volume Code Rightsizing, NWA surveyed several of their storage customers individually according to each company’s requirements to determine if all locations were receiving appropriate service levels. After categorizing hundreds of locations, they discovered that approximately 15% of the total locations could be receiving services above their category based on square footage or sales volume (depending on the identifier provided by each client).

NWA reviewed these specific locations to determine whether or not the services were deemed appropriate based on each location’s unique on-site circumstances. Upon closer examination, NWA found that over one-third of those targeted properties could benefit from service level changes. These changes resulted in aggregate savings of well over $100,000 or $300,000 over the typical 3-year contract.

Ensuring Compliance
Another crucial aspect of NWA’s collaboration with self-storage facilities utilizes compliance surveys. NWA has a dedicated compliance manager who proactively stays on top of municipalities, counties, states, and the Federal government when new waste and recycling regulations or legislation are being introduced and enacted that might impact clients. NWA identifies affected locations, determines necessary changes, and provides a suggested plan of action to the corporate contact. They work closely with customers to ensure adherence and avoid penalties. If a survey is deemed necessary, a NWA Account Manager contacts the locations to gather specific information related to the new regulations and assess whether service level adjustments or waivers are required. If a waiver is a possible course of action, the NWA Compliance Manager proactively facilitates the process, completing the required forms and submitting them to the appropriate regulatory agency. NWA tracks and handles waiver requests for all customers, ensuring ongoing compliance.

NWA’s proactive approach has saved customers thousands in penalties and fines that may have been issued if locations were not in compliance. These fines can be as high as $2,000 or more per day. In addition, NWA has saved even more money by proactively applying for and receiving waivers which has prevented customers from paying for unnecessary additional services.

National Waste Associates collaborates closely with self-storage facilities, actively employing initiatives like rightsizing and compliance surveys to optimize waste and recycling services and achieve significant savings. Through a partnership built on expertise and customer knowledge, NWA ensures that each facility receives the appropriate level of service while maintaining compliance with evolving regulations. Together, NWA and self-storage facilities can achieve efficient waste management practices and drive beneficial financial results.

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