National Waste Associates Drives $75K in Savings for a Major Self Storage Company Through Innovative Rightsizing Approach

National Waste Associates (NWA) has been a trusted partner in the self-storage industry since 2014, providing waste and recycling management services to storage companies of all sizes. One of the many benefits NWA provides clients consists of continually monitoring individual locations and waste services in order to streamline efficiencies and look for potential savings. NWA routinely reviews their clients’ entire portfolios performing surveys to determine appropriate service levels, compliance, and other potential areas of improvement.

Such was the case in a recent survey where NWA partnered with one of North America’s leading self-storage companies with hundreds of locations across the US helping them achieve significant cost savings.

The Challenge: Streamlining Efficiencies and Tackling Rising Costs
Reviewing and monitoring all customer locations is a top priority for NWA and one of the advantages of working with their team. This ensures optimal service levels and identifies potential areas for improvement. This is particularly important as economic challenges, including inflation, continue to impact businesses. In order to combat these increases, NWA has developed numerous ways to lower/offset these added costs, one of which is through data-driven rightsizing.

The Process: Leveraging Data-Driven Rightsizing
NWA employs various methods to ensure clients receive appropriate service levels without over- or under-servicing any locations. These methods include Standard Rightsizing, Volume Code Rightsizing and/or Compliance. To determine locations that might be overserviced, Volume Code Rightsizing was chosen as the best approach for this particular self-storage client. Volume Code Rightsizing involves a mathematical analysis of waste services across all locations based on a ranking system determined by a specific identifier such as square footage, number of units, occupancy rates, sales dollar volumes or a combination of one or more identifiers.

The Solution: Collaborative Approach and Cost Projections
NWA engaged in thorough discussions with the client, explaining the benefits for recommending Volume Code Rightsizing and presenting the various identifier options for location ranking so that the client could determine the type of identifier they would prefer to provide. In addition, NWA collaborated with the client to meet their needs in alternate ways of contacting locations to discuss any unique site-specific situations such as 3rd party businesses working out of units that use on-site waste services, space restrictions, etc. so as not to be disruptive in their day-to-day activities.

Once the identifier was determined, in this case square footage, NWA conducted a comprehensive analysis, grouping locations into four main categories based on their size. NWA then established the locations which had potential for service changes and projected the savings the customer could expect for each location.

The Results: Substantial Savings
NWA’s analysis revealed that nearly 50% of the surveyed locations could have services reduced, resulting in an annual savings of over $75,000 for the client. The proposed service changes and associated savings were presented to the client for approval and subsequent implementation. This success was made possible through the collaboration between NWA’s expertise and the client’s intimate knowledge of their locations. Without both aspects, finding true savings would not have been possible.

Conclusion: Ensuring Efficient Waste Management for Long-Term Success
With the waste and recycling landscape constantly evolving, diligent monitoring of service levels is crucial. If your current waste management system lacks regular oversight, it may be time for a reassessment.

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