Rightsize Your Bottom Line

Reduce waste expenses by only paying for what you throw out.

When looking at where to reduce business expenses, the last place you might look is in the garbage. We notice when a bin is over-flowing, but we may not recognize that it’s half empty. And there’s a good chance your waste hauler is not giving you the heads up. Trash haulers profit from you NOT noticing.

When you initially set up trash services at your business location, you were most likely given an industry average size bin.  The amount of waste your business generates might have changed since opening or will change with seasonality and market conditions.  You may require a once a week pick-up for most of the year, but when summer rolls around, you require a twice-a-week pick-up. What worked for you two years ago may be excess today. Rightsizing is a continuous exercise and knowing what’s in your waste stream will help you identify opportunities for waste diversion and recycling.

Here’s what you can do to get started; create a log and check your waste bin prior to pick-up each week. Take inventory of what’s inside.  Are there recyclables that can be removed?  Are employees or patrons using the bins to deposit their own personal waste? This information will help guide you on whether you need to downsize, reduce the number of pick-ups or speak with staff about what is allowed in the waste bin.

If you have a cardboard compactor for recycling, a pressure gauge can be attached to help let you know when it’s full. You can track and log the number of times a month you reach capacity to determine if a larger or smaller compactor can be utilized to decrease the number of pick ups or rental size.

Rightsizing your waste bin and service optimization can reduce your waste costs but don’t forget to take a closer look at your waste invoice.  Waste invoices are notorious for containing over-charges and erroneous fees.  Learn more about the value of waste invoice auditing.

For businesses with multiple locations, managing right-sizing efforts at each location can be a daunting task.  National Waste Associates understands the importance of right-sizing and optimization of your waste and recycling.  We perform waste audits on each and every location we service for a client to find the most valuable solutions to reduce waste volumes and costs. To learn more about our services please call 1-888-692-5005 or email us at sales@nationalwaste.com.