The Secret Behind Waste Industry Fees

The secret’s out: Trash services are a necessity, but paying fees are not. Look closely at your most recent waste bill and you might recognize the following fees.

• Regulatory cost recovery fee
• Administrative fee
• Environmental fee
• Variable Fuel fee
• Host fee

Auditing of waste invoices reveal 4 out of 5 contain unnecessary fees, overcharges or other billing errors. With multiple invoices, the charges can add up to a significant amount. Unless the fees and errors are challenged, your business could be bilked thousands each year depending on the number of locations being serviced.

Large waste companies such as Waste Management attempt to explain the fees on their website:

“… fuel prices and environmental compliance-related costs are something we cannot fully control. This Fuel/Environmental charge is one line item on customer invoices that contains two – separate components – a fuel surcharge component and an environmental charge component.”

The fuel fee is variable and can change from bill to bill. Other fees include a, ‘host fee.’ Waste Management provides the following statement on their website explaining the host fee:

“Typically a ‘host fee,’ is a charge Waste Management pays, either by ton or on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, to a community (city, county, province, municipality, township, etc.) to locate, construct, operate and or/expand our waste and/or recycling facilities in the community.”

At National Waste Associates, we call foul on waste industry fees. The explanations do little to support their legitimacy. It’s important to note, not all waste haulers are alike. There are many waste haulers across the country that value your business and do not subscribe to attaching fees for basic administrative processes or facility expansions.

Waste invoice fees and surcharges that increase or decrease from month to month are difficult to manage and take time to challenge. So how does a business owner or operations manager stay on top of fees that appear to increase and decrease arbitrarily? How do you prevent your company from overpaying? Waste and recycling management offers businesses with multiple locations and multiple waste invoices an efficient way to contain and control waste costs with professional waste auditing services.

National Waste Associates simplifies waste and recycling management. We don’t pay fees, and neither will you. With over three generations of experience in the waste hauling business, National Waste Associates is armed with a unique advantage; we understand the business and know the difference between a reasonable service charge and an erroneous fee. Every increase is challenged. Each bill passes six different auditing processes before a payment is released. Our core function is to manage and service our client according to their best interests. For more information about our services and to start reducing waste costs today, call 1-888-692-5005 or email