Single Stream Recycling

Is it good for business?

Single stream recycling is helping businesses recycle more efficiently and reduce waste costs.  What is it and how does it work?  Is single stream right for your business? What began in California in the 1990’s as a cost-saving experiment for the waste industry has now grown to include more than 240 single stream recycling systems across the country.  With single stream, a variety of recyclables all go into a single container.

Single stream recycling is not a solution for every business.  Your sustainability goals, waste content and operational constraints must be analyzed before changes are made.

Where single stream is available for your business, it can be an efficient solution to manage recycling. Employees spend less time sorting and it requires less space at each location.

Take a look at how single stream recycling helped one national retailer:

Case Study – National retailer reduces carbon footprint with single stream recycling.

A well established and long term national retailer with locations in 30 states wanted to further decrease their carbon footprint as part of a company wide, ‘Go Green,’ initiative.  The client was already recycling the normal items such as cardboard and paper and was looking to evolve to the next level of diversion.

Vendors serving the retailer were screened to determine where single stream recycling was available and which items were accepted.  Material lists of acceptable items were gathered from qualifying vendors. In locations where single stream recycling wasn’t available, National Waste Associates found alternate recycling companies who could take over recycling services for maximum waste reduction and savings benefits.

Project results:

–          Implemented single stream recycling in 48% of locations.

–          Increased recovery of recycled material by over 20%.

–          Brought the total recycled to over 50% of their waste stream.

–          Lowered overall costs and future costs.

–          Lowered emissions associated with collection.

Recycling is the new way to, ‘do business,’ and is a vital component of national strategy and conservation efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and toxins going to landfills. National Waste Associates creates recycling solutions that reduce waste expenses and keep businesses complaint to localized recycling laws. At National Waste Associates, we troubleshoot, evaluate and seek valuable recycling opportunities for our clients.  For more information on our waste management and recycling services call 1-888-692-5005 or email