Waste Cost Reduction Solutions

A penny saved is a penny earned. Experience Waste Cost Reduction Solutions by National Waste Associates and keep the waste in the dumpster, and out of your ledger.

Why Waste Cost Reduction Solutions

We’ve found that as many as four out of every five waste disposal service bills contain unnecessary fees, overcharges, or other errors. Conversely, waste costs that may appear to be in error may be due to fluctuating environmental or other types of commercial waste removal fees that can change as often as every month. NWA can help you navigate this dynamic world of waste disposal service pricing and give you the kind of crucial information that drives results. With one invoice, one point of contact, and one call, putting the lid on your waste disposal costs has never been easier.

Don’t leave money on the table. Let an NWA pro help you get your commercial waste costs under control.

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How it Works

We leverage cutting-edge technology and our vast experience in the commercial waste removal industry to help you make the right pricing decisions and directly improve your bottom line.

Our pricing database is built from data generated by tens of thousands of executed service-level transactions that we use for benchmarking, waste cost containment, and client reporting.

We help you keep prices in check by:

  • Creating KPI reports
  • Tracking the market
  • Performing gap analyses
  • Studying lead measures like tonnage and volume.

Each of your invoices receives as many six distinct audits from members of various departments before a payment is released, to pinpoint pricing discrepancies and cost avoidance opportunities. As we uncover these invaluable cost-saving strategies, we pass them on to you via weekly summaries and regular face-to-face meetings.


  • Multi-phase invoice auditing
  • Meticulous payables management
  • Consolidated, single-source protocols with one contract
  • Cost-saving strategy meetings on your schedule
Get hassle-free waste management