Waste Management Services

You have multiple, perhaps dozens, of locations where you need trash removed quickly, efficiently, and at the best price. You’re tired of spending all day on the phone when issues arise and slogging through never-ending contracts. You need Location Waste Management Services by NWA.

Why Location Management

Think of all the complaints normally associated with national trash service providers: bloated pricing; ineffective, out-of-touch representatives; third-rate vendors; impersonal service. Although National Waste Associates provides commercial waste management services all over the country, we’re able to provide unique, customized experiences for specific locations, even among different branches of a single company. Instead of potentially dozens of separate waste management contracts for each site, our Location Management service codifies all of them into one closely managed plan. The more commercial locations you manage, the more money and hassle you can save by turning their trash services over to NWA.

How It Works

Your experienced NWA account manager is responsible for actively managing your commercial account and overseeing all aspects of the locations under his/her care, including:

  • Working to consolidate your supply chain and utilities, generating one easy-to-read trash service bill and highlighting alternative revenue opportunities for you.
  • Optimizing your waste stream through right-sizing, active surveying, and field checks, and conducting compliance analysis to ensure all necessary permits are in place, insurance for environmental, general, and other liabilities is in good standing, and applicable laws are followed.
  • Remaining available to you, along with the rest of our customer support team, for on-site training and education programs, and reachable day or night via our 24/7 help line.


  • Consolidated, streamlined waste removal operations across all commercial locations
  • Automatic enrollment in our Value Add program, giving you access to yearly reports on significant cost savings opportunities
  • Consistent environmental and regulatory compliance
  • Round-the-clock customer support hotline
Get hassle-free waste management