Waste Vendor Management

When you trust NWA with your waste vendor management, you ensure your waste collection service is handled by haulers who meet your toughest needs and our highest standards.

Why Vendor Management

As a former carting company ourselves, we understand what makes a good hauler, and we’ve established solid relationships with more than 3,500 local and regional businesses that have earned our confidence. Unfortunately, without a background in the waste disposal industry, simply finding a reliable hauler can be a time-consuming and costly process of trial and error. Even if you’re lucky enough to find one, you’re still at risk of being charged unnecessary waste collection fees.

NWA’s Vendor Services team saves you time by using our proprietary database to pair you with the perfect vendors, and then assumes the responsibility of monitoring those vendors to guarantee you get the absolute best value for your money. If a situation arises where you’re not satisfied with a vendor’s collection services, let us know, day or night. Our rate of first contact resolution is consistently over 99%, with an average time to escalation resolution of 24 hours.

How it Works

Unlike other waste management servicers, our collection programs are designed based on your business model, not our capabilities. That means that the range of waste disposal solutions we can assemble for you is virtually limitless, by pulling together as many vendors as it takes to satisfy your requirements, all captured in one standardized service plan. Based on size and scalability, capability, specialties, financial viability, compliance history, and other data, we determine which of our vendors are best-suited to meet your location’s particular waste needs.

After we’ve identified and verified the best candidates, we begin the process of procurement, engaging in lengthy negotiations on your behalf, generating a waste collection contract, and securing any necessary permits and insurance.

As soon as the trucks are running, our vendor performance management services kick into gear.

Your account manager will continue working to secure you discounts and rebates for additional cost savings, while also overseeing the daily operations of your waste disposal services, disbursing funds and resolving missed pickups, and coordinating service transitions, if necessary.


  • Access to the industry’s best vendor network, including our Preferred Hauler program
  • Professional waste contract management and legal compliance analysis
  • Diligent cost containment and avoidance via rebates, invoice reviews, and price renegotiations
  • Sole point of contact for resolving waste removal disruptions
  • Worry-free bill payment
  • Seamless service transition and coordination
Get hassle-free waste management