Between project deadlines, balancing budgets and blueprint planning, contractors and project managers alike have plenty to worry about without the burden of optimizing their waste processes.

What you’ve likely realized though, is that streamlining waste solutions, especially across several locations, is increasingly valuable - to your company’s bottom line, your clients’ individual requirements and your own peace of mind.

At NWA, we understand construction and demolition (C&D) needs, jobsite constraints and project timelines - whether you’re building new, renovating or demolishing. We’ve helped numerous construction clients by implementing our 200+ years of collective experience and resources to ensure that the waste materials coming off of work sites are managed in the most optimal and efficient manner.

Save Money and the Environment with Sustainable Waste Solutions

600 million tons of construction and demolition (C&D) debris were generated in the United States in 2018, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Concrete waste alone constituted more than 400 million tons.

With landfill fees ranging from $30-$100 per ton, not diverting concrete or other site recyclables from the landfill could mean a significant strain on your project budget, as well as the environment. Additionally, the cost of sending concrete waste to landfills can be greater than the cost of sorting and selling your concrete waste to a specialized recycler.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or minimize these pocket-draining and harmful effects. For example, recycled concrete is 10-15% lighter than virgin aggregate, helping to increase project efficiency by reducing hauling and material costs. In fact, one freeway construction project in Anaheim, California created roughly $5 million in savings in construction costs by using almost 700,000 tons of recycled concrete during the build.

Additionally, partnering with a waste provider like NWA, your company can use our comprehensive solutions to your benefit, including equipment solutions like portable crushers that can help you conveniently recycle your concrete on site, maximizing efficiency in your workflow and keeping waste costs down.

Optimize Construction Waste to Maximize Project Profitability

Optimizing your waste process across multiple work sites that span several states benefits your bottom line. With an average of 13% of raw materials discarded unused, construction companies have the opportunity to both improve purchasing efficiency and reduce procurement costs.

This can be done by taking steps such as purchasing less materials, maximizing dumpster space, collecting materials for reuse, safe and timely waste collections, and compliance with all waste and recycling legislation.

While there is potential to save a significant amount of money on waste management to improve your project’s profitability, it can seem daunting to take the time to optimize your waste and recycling solutions, especially when you have more urgent construction matters to tend to.

That’s why we’re here to help. No project is one-size-fits all so you need flexible solutions to handle these dynamic waste needs. Along with our wide selection of dumpsters, roll-offs and containers, we also offer temporary restrooms for your on-site crews which we empty and clean regularly

As a 4th generation waste solution service provider, we put our industry expertise in sustainable waste management solutions to work for you. We offer customized waste and recycling solutions for your projects, guidance on legal compliance, and can help you reach your Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)goals.

We analyze your waste streams across multiple work sites, identify areas for waste minimization opportunities and implement strategies for maximized cost-savings.

Keep a Balanced Budget with Flexible Waste Solutions

The world of construction involves plenty of dynamic variables, especially given the cyclical “feast and famine” nature of the industry. Creating and maintaining a well-balanced budget can be tricky, especially when it comes to waste since, on paper, disposal fees typically account for under 1% of project costs. However, our team knows that waste is more than just disposal, and that the true cost of waste generally makes up 2-10% of expenses. When you also take into account project issues that arise that are out of your control, it isn’t uncommon for a project to end up requiring more time, money, or resources than you originally planned if you don’t have an experienced waste partner to guide you.

For example, if the work site ends up needing additional equipment for larger volumes of waste, it can result in last minute requests which get your company gouged for emergency services. Alternatively, you might pay too much in direct expenses if the volume of debris at a work site ends up being much smaller than expected.

Don’t let your project managers carry this burden. At NWA, we gauge the markets for you to put the right balance of services in place well ahead of time, ensuring maximum operational efficiency and cost-savings. We also work side-by-side with you as an extension of your team to adjust your waste solutions immediately should any project changes, one-off disruptions, or emergencies that create special waste circumstances arise. We pride ourselves on being as accessible as possible, day or night. That’s why our clients appreciate the convenience of our 24/7 customer service line.

Guarantee Project Deadlines with Reliable Waste Vendors

As a construction business, your team knows the urgency involved with completing projects on time not only to satisfy your clients, but also to stay within budget and protect your brand reputation.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an external force that causes you to miss a deadline when you’ve done everything in your control to avoid it. Unfortunately, too many companies deal with this when it comes to unreliable or even unprofessional waste solutions. Having to postpone the progress or finalization of projects due to lingering debris (which can also pose a safety hazard) can cost time, money, and your client’s trust.

As a former carting company ourselves, we understand what makes a good hauler, and we’ve established solid relationships with more than 3,500 local and regional businesses that have earned our confidence. We use this proprietary database to pair you with the perfect vendor(s) for your individualized waste needs. Unlike other waste solution providers, we base this off of your business model, not our capabilities or limitations.

Our team ensures your vendor’s service levels are maintained and that deliveries and pick-ups happen on time. We oversee the daily operations of your waste disposal services, disbursing funds, resolving missed pickups, and coordinating service transitions.

Construction Waste Materials We Handle

Construction projects create some of the most physically challenging and most varied waste and debris to manage.

Whether you’re building or remodeling a convenience store, hotel, grocery store, restaurant, retail outlet, or office building, we are equipped to remove:

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Telephone/utility poles
  • Solid waste
  • Carpet
  • Shingles
  • Metal
  • Sheet rock
  • Glass
  • Electronic waste (E-waste) recycling of batteries, light bulbs, and other electronic items.

In addition, we can assist you with destruction certification and LEED certification requirements. We can also furnish your site with mobile storage containers, portable sanitary facilities, and roll-off, open-top, and front-load containers in a wide range of sizes.

We Know Construction Waste

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Optimize Your Construction Company’s Waste Solutions

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