Interruptions or inefficiencies in waste management services can threaten your ability to focus solely on patient care, safety and satisfaction, especially with the large volumes of waste healthcare facilities see on a daily basis.

In fact, hospitals alone produce more than 4.67 million tons of waste every year. Unfortunately, the topic of waste management is typically given low priority in the healthcare sector, which means facilities like yours are missing out on prime opportunities to save significant amounts of money and improve workflow efficiencies across the board.

Are you ready for a waste partner who will take care of this burden for you? Let us show you how we can help you save up to 20% versus your current program on your healthcare waste services so you can focus on your patients.

Save Money with Renewable Energy and Invoice Audits

The healthcare sector is arguably the most critical industry operating 24/7. It’s reasonable to see why a service as seemingly mundane as waste solutions can fly under the radar. However, in doing so, 4 out of 5 waste bills end up with hidden fees or overcharges, often draining healthcare budgets where it goes unnoticed.

Consistently auditing every single waste invoice would prevent this, but we know you likely don’t have the time to do so. This, along with renewable energy strategies like sending your medical refuse to a waste-to-energy facility are two significant opportunities to protect your bottom line.

Waste-to-energy is a green strategy growing in popularity across industries. The process generates renewable energy and offsets the need to create energy from fossil sources while also reducing carbon emissions. In fact, WTE facilities in the US account for approximately 20% of all renewable electricity generation. Implementing this method of waste disposal at your medical facility, while benefiting the environment, also goes hand-in-hand with your mission to keep communities safe and protecting their health even beyond the exam room doors.

Not only is sending your waste to a WTE facility a smart, sustainable option, but it can also protect your budget by the way of landfill diversion cost-savings. WTE facilities typically reduce waste volumes by 90%, meaning a drastic reduction in paying costly, unpredictable, private landfill tipping fees that continue to rise year after year. In comparison, WTE energy facilities offer stable tipping fees in many regions because of their long-term contracts within the communities they serve.

Our team of experts at NWA disrupts the status quo by proactively fighting for you - continuously analyzing your waste streams at every turn to research and suggest methods like these that will keep your operations cost-effective.

Flexible Waste Solutions for a Dynamic Industry

If your facility failed to provide the correct treatment at the right time, it could quite literally mean the difference between life or death for a patient. Healthcare professionals know the importance of timeliness and accuracy when it comes to their job.

Your waste provider should be just as diligent, especially in an industry that experiences chaotic peak seasons and, in recent times, unprecedented public health crises.

One missed pickup can be one too many. Stop dealing with overflowing waste containers and inefficient services.

Our healthcare waste solution specialists realize that emergency situations are common in this industry. That’s why we offer our 24/7 helpline which provides our partners with peace of mind and reliable customer service, day or night.

Enhance Your Brand Image with Responsible Waste Solutions

Approximately 85% of healthcare waste is non-hazardous, according to the World Health Organization. A large bulk of that is actually recyclable. So why are most of these materials burned or landfilled?

It should be a priority for healthcare facilities to reconcile their massive environmental footprints, especially since it’s consistent with the commitment to being good stewards in the community.

Balancing patient safety, cost and sustainability is a tricky feat to master, but it can be done. In addition to reducing internal costs, sustainability will certainly provide a boost to your public brand image, especially in an increasingly environmentally conscious world where ‘going green’ is essential. We can help.

NWA is a provider of green waste services with a team of certified advisors who have implemented sustainable programs that boast best-in-class recovery rates. We have helped many clients on their mission to achieve Zero Waste status with customized strategies and streamlined their efforts to reach their ESG goals in a timely manner.

Ensure Regulatory Waste Compliance and Save

Non-hazardous healthcare waste like trace chemotherapy waste and other materials can have high disposal costs to begin with, and much more when they’re not properly disposed of.

Penalty fees for waste non-compliance are just more unnecessary weight on your budget.

It can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing local and federal waste and recycling legislation working in such a hectic industry.

Our team of experts at NWA not only advise on how to properly segregate your waste streams proactively to avoid any improper disposal and minimize final costs, but we also ensure you stay in adherence to these regulations with our in-house compliance team.

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