From entertainment venues to hotels to amusement parks - if it’s in the hospitality industry, the guest is the priority. Deciding how to get rid of trash shouldn’t take valuable time away from enhancing their experience to maintain customer satisfaction and a healthy business model.

Companies in the hospitality industry need a waste partner who takes a comprehensive approach to ensure regulatory compliance, minimize costs, and even support ambitious ESG goals across all sites at once.

Let us show you how we can help you save up to 20% versus your current program on your waste services so you can focus on your guests.

Implement Waste Reduction Technologies to Cut Costs and Achieve ESG Goals

Whether it comes from your guests or internal operations, waste generation is a guaranteed constant in the hospitality industry. Where there’s waste generation, there are opportunities for waste reduction.

Not only will minimizing waste maximize your bottom line, but in a world where investors and patrons alike are placing an increasing importance on corporate sustainability initiatives, or ESG goals - waste reduction is crucial.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of technologies available that can help streamline waste reduction with less manual and mental labor required from your team, which frees up more time for you to focus on the guest. Whether it’s food or solid waste - digital sensors, automation, robots and AI are now more affordable and easily accessible to help manage these waste streams. From AI recycling bins to smart water refill stations to pneumatic waste collection systems, unprecedented cost-savings are achievable.

In a competitive industry like yours, it’s crucial to make the smartest business moves to remain viable. Our team of experts prioritize sustainability initiatives by implementing waste reduction technologies like those listed above to boost your ESG performance.

We’re a provider of green waste services with a team of certified advisors who have implemented sustainable programs that boast best-in-class recovery rates. We have helped many clients on their mission to achieve Zero Waste status with customized strategies and streamlined their efforts, helping them to reach their ESG goals in a timely manner.

Reduce Food Waste and Protect Your Bottom Line

Food and beverage are at the heart of hospitality, with venues spending an average of 25-40% of monthly revenue on food inventory. That’s why it’s important to your bottom line to ensure that your food - and ultimately, money - aren’t going to waste, literally.

Within the hospitality sector alone, food waste is estimated to be $100 billion. A recent analysis shows about 70% of that waste happens before it even gets to the guests’ plates.

It can seem overwhelming to put such a concentrated effort on food alone when you have an entire venue to keep running smoothly. But it is certainly a smart business move to do so. Did you know the average cost to dispose of a ton of food waste is $3,600? Our team can help take this burden off your plate.

We use our decades of expertise to focus our efforts on prevention, composting and donation - three key areas of food diversion proven to yield our partners significant cost-savings. To do so, we use data-driven analyses to develop customized minimization plans for hospitality companies with multiple locations. Learn more here.

Additionally, these practices as well as oversight from our in-house compliance manager will help ensure your company’s disposal and recycling processes comply with ever-changing local and federal food waste legislation.

Flexible, Temporary Waste Solutions When You Need Them Most

At NWA, we know your industry has unique demands. Sometimes an event or a particular season ends up being larger and more chaotic than expected, while other times the attendance may fall short.

Trying a one-size-fits-all approach can leave you paying too much for overhead when you don’t need it and will get you gouged for last-minute emergency services when it’s unexpectedly busy.

That’s why we work with you, analyzing your specific waste solution needs at each location and determining the best container sizes and pickup schedules for your sites, while providing quick, convenient and hassle-free temporary waste solutions. Whether you need a few extra roll-off dumpsters, construction of enclosures to prevent unwanted access, or even temporary restroom facilities which we empty and clean regularly. We will develop an effective plan to handle each of your major events.

Avoiding service disruptions and waste overflows is important to ensure your guests don’t look back on their time or stay with your company with regret. For that reason, we also offer our partners access to our 24/7 emergency helpline because we know the hospitality industry is not a 9-5 world.

We Know Hospitality Waste

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Optimize Your Hospitality Company’s Waste Solutions

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