Professionals in the self-storage industry have to deal with a lot of waste on a daily basis. In addition to your normal operational waste generation, there’s a constant, uninterrupted stream of storage facility junk needing removal. An effective waste partner should offer a comprehensive waste solution to manage these streams cohesively, efficiently and most importantly, cost-effectively.

Let us show you how we can help you save up to 20% on your waste program so you can focus on growing your business.

Audit Your Waste Invoices to Protect Your Profits

In the complex self-storage industry, most companies are primarily focused on streamlining daily operations across multiple locations, while prioritizing customer satisfaction. This approach can understandably create blind spots.

Many waste haulers take advantage of this fact, knowing they’ve written contracts that put you at their mercy. It can, and often does, result in price increases and extra fees.

In fact, 80% of waste invoices have hidden fees or overcharges. Consistently auditing every single invoice could prevent this. When was the last time you sat down and poured over every itemized line of your waste bills to ensure the price is exactly what you agreed upon? Even if you did take the time to audit, many providers are now bundling their rates – making it more difficult to see exactly what you’re being charged for which services.

We get it, you’re busy enough with daily storage operations without the extra burden of waste monitoring and planning. So, our team of experts at NWA disrupts the status quo by proactively fighting for you - continuously analyzing your waste streams and invoices to research and suggest methods like these that will keep your operations cost-effective. We also cross check your invoices several times internally to ensure there are no discrepancies before payment is even disbursed.

Flexible Solutions for Dynamic Waste Streams

Abandoned storage units are an unfortunate reality in the industry. Too often, those units are still occupied with junk, unable to rent out to the next tenant, which could potentially affect your revenue.

You’re left dealing with their trash - including anything ranging from old TVs to broken microwaves to discarded mattresses. Now what?

Your site managers need flexible equipment solutions that can not only accommodate these dynamic and unpredictable waste loads, but also guidance to ensure you remain in compliance with changing local and federal waste and recycling legislation for materials such as bulk items, electronics, etc.

Our team of experts can provide a wide range of waste equipment and technology recommendations to best suit your facility’s needs – even temporarily - while our in-house compliance managers help ensure you’re in adherence with local policies so you’re not penalized for improper waste disposal.

A Personalized Touch to Protect You From Extra Costs

The storage industry faces some rather unique challenges, including customers using your waste containers as their own personal (and illegal) dumping grounds when cleaning out their units. Along with overflowing containers which can lead to higher waste bills, this can cause facilities like yours to be hit with noncompliance fees or other legal penalties due to potentially contaminated waste streams.

Additionally, frequent acquisitions in the industry means a constant flow of new locations - where pre-existing vendor contracts need to be revisited and often, replaced, for optimal operational cost-savings.

Consistently ensuring security for your dumpsters along with right-sizing containers and optimizing vendor contracts at new sites alone are full-time duties. At NWA, we have a dedicated account manager specifically positioned to handle the unique challenges of your industry. Experienced storage waste expert Andrea Dalessio has a proven track record of client loyalty thanks to her commitment to act more as a business partner, making waste operations cost-effective and less environmentally impactful.

Wouldn’t you like to put an end to the status quo of irritating online portals, faceless call centers and generally impersonal customer service when it comes to waste management? Partner with us to experience the convenience of personal touch.

Be at the Forefront of Self-Storage Sustainability by Achieving ESG Goals

The typical self-storage facility carries a significant carbon footprint. In fact, one recent report points out that the carbon footprint from the development of just 22 new self-storage facilities in Seattle equates to 12.8 million gallons of gasoline.

Corporate responsibility as a social responsibility is at the forefront of a growing number of commercial businesses’ priorities across industries, self-storage included. As a result, setting ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals should be a part of any successful company’s business model. Achieving those goals will draw the attention of business investors and customers alike.

In the self-storage world, that means taking steps to implement energy efficiency, and optimizing waste and recycling methods. The benefits are vast - financially, socially and from a business perspective.

Partnering with an experienced waste solution provider like NWA can help reduce the resources consumed by your business, reduce your operational costs and align your waste operations with your ESG objectives.

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