Grocery stores see some of the most varied waste streams on a daily basis whether it be expired or damaged food, the plastic containers they’re stored in, or the boxes they come shipped in. While the majority of supermarket waste is food – in fact, supermarkets are responsible for 10% of all food waste in America, about 43 billion pounds a year – all waste generation needs to be optimized in order to protect your bottom line.

Choosing an effective commercial waste management partner like NWA will help you implement the best methods to remove every type of waste your facilities produce, while saving you time and money.

Customize Grocery Waste Solutions at Scale

It’s no secret that waste and recycling accumulate rather quickly in the grocery industry. Waste is constantly produced at every turn.

At National Waste Associates, our waste and recycling services are tailored to grocery stores and supermarkets with multiple locations. We understand that managing food waste is complicated in today’s marketplace, which is why we design customized minimization and recycling plans based on the individual requirements at each location.

We conduct an initial assessment of each site’s current practices, then set goals to reduce the quantity of food waste. A sustainable approach is developed to allow for continuous reduction of volumes, a more efficient workflow and cost- savings in your grocery stores’ internal operations.

Manage Your Grocery Waste Responsibly

The United States generates nearly 40 million tons of food waste every year - 10% of that comes from grocery stores and supermarkets alone. Imagine the carbon footprint, not to mention significant expense, if that was all sent to the landfill?

At NWA, we look out for your bottom line while enhancing your sustainability and ESG efforts, implementing the greenest waste management approach possible for your company. Maximizing recycling efforts and diverting waste from the landfill is an important part of the solution.

It can seem daunting to implement a food waste diversion program, but an efficient waste partner like NWA will make it effortless for you - with our sustainability programs that boast a best-in-class recovery rate. Let us help you streamline your grocery store waste efforts with a program that will benefit you both financially and reputationally.

Protect Your Grocery Chain from Waste Liabilities

The dynamic world of recycling and waste legislation is always in flux, leaving grocery store managers with the never- ending task of ensuring compliance. With so much on your plate at any given time, wouldn’t you appreciate the reassurance from an experienced waste partner with dedicated compliance managers that your business is legally protected from grocery waste disposal liabilities? We can help when it comes to your commercial waste management.

Avoid grocery waste disposal liabilities with the oversight of our compliance managers. Our team ensures your grocery stores remain up-to-date and in compliance with ever-changing local and federal policies like waste bans or food waste recycling laws and more. We ensure all necessary permits are in place, insurance for environmental, general, and other liabilities is in good standing, and applicable laws are followed.

When you partner with us, you’ll never need to worry about the fines, fees or reputational damage that come along with waste liabilities.

Flexible, Reliable Grocery Waste Solutions

Grocery stores provide an essential service. They’re one of the first places people visit when preparing for a holiday or run to in an emergency like we saw during the coronavirus pandemic. So, as consumers rush to your stores for an unbeatable sale, you might have to deal with a little, or a lot, more trash than usual.

At NWA, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work throughout the entire year. That’s why our collection programs are customized to you based on your business model. We take into account the size and scalability of each one of your individual locations and ensure we match you with the right service plan and waste hauler to meet those specific requirements efficiently, accurately and conveniently.

We constantly analyze your waste streams - performing right-sizing, actively surveying and field checking your site, so we know immediately when your services need to be adjusted to accommodate changing business volumes. We also guarantee your team members peace of mind with our 24/7 help line in case any last-minute emergencies or changes occur even after normal business hours.

We Know Grocery Waste

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Streamline Your Grocery Waste Management

If you would like to learn how NWA can help optimize waste management for your grocery store chain, contact us today to set up a time to meet with us.