Choose National Waste Associates as your waste management company and you’ll have someone in your corner.

Reasonable Rates from Experienced Haulers.

NWA only deals with experienced haulers, improving communication and immediately reducing the likelihood of unscrupulous or unnecessary pricing. We negotiate competitive rates up front and challenge all bills before allowing an increase to reach you.

Get the Triple-Check Treatment.

NWA audits your waste invoices regularly – a triple check process – to assess their validity. Our consultants have years of industry experience, determining what charges are legitimate and reasonable as opposed to excessive or erroneous. What’s more, we have a proven track record for:

  • Identifying waste cost solutions
  • Challenging price increases
  • Getting rate hikes lowered

Learn How We Do It.

Finally, NWA will share with you the systems and processes by which we resolve invoice issues, contest price increases and ensure billing accuracy.


Call (888) 792-2387, Ext. 6 today and we’ll show you how we can help you reduce your waste management bill by up to 20%.