Sustainability Initiative

Minimize waste and reduce your environmental impact with a sustainable waste management strategy. Learn about our commitment to sustainable development, and see how we can optimize your commercial waste management.

Sustainable Waste Management Benefits Your Business

Companies that value environmental stewardship can implement sustainable waste solutions to reduce waste sources and divert, recycle or compost materials. With rising landfill disposal costs and increased environmental regulations, all commercial businesses should consider sustainable waste management solutions to ensure locations remain compliant and operate cost-effectively.

Beyond regulatory waste compliance, commercial recycling programs create profitable savings opportunities for businesses. Recycling and composting programs help avoid landfill fees, create energy savings and benefit your reputation as a company that prioritizes sustainability. Additionally, our specialists are skilled at identifying after-market selling opportunities to transform your trash into a revenue stream.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Waste Management

To reflect our commitment to sustainable waste management, we have completely reimagined how we approach our customers’ commercial waste streams. We engage with clients to develop custom commercial recycling programs and other sustainable solutions. We continually analyze your waste stream to identify recycling opportunities based on market variables and quantities.

We partner with clients to develop sustainable waste solutions and a culture that emphasizes employee participation, learning and continuous improvement. To build lasting and effective sustainable waste management programs, we gain perspectives into our clients’ current and long-term disposal rates and adopt aggressive action plans to improve efficiency. As a result, our commercial recycling programs boast best-in-class recovery rates, reducing waste to landfills.

The following procedures represent an example of how we engage to create sustainable solutions as part of an integrated commercial waste management program:

  1. Develop a Vision and Set Goals/Targets
  2. Evaluate Current Process and Sustainability Impact
  3. Identify and Categorize Opportunities for Source Reduction or Waste Minimization Programs and Waste Diversion or Recycling/Composting Programs
  4. Plan and Implement Sustainable Waste Solutions
  5. Report


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